Chelation refers to the use of a chemical or substance that binds strongly to a toxin, usually a poisonous metal, like mercury or lead, and helps remove it from the body. Chelation therapies may be done intravenously (with EDTA, for example), topically (with DMPS or DMSA, for example), orally (with zeolites, PCA-Rx, NCD, etc.) or rectally with EDTA suppositories. Chelation therapies may also be helpful for people suffering from coronary artery or peripheral artery disease.
Studies show that many Americas are often deficient in one or more essential nutrients. These deficiencies may result in sub-optimal health and should be corrected. A variety of laboratory tests help practitioners evaluate the patient in this regard and suggest possible therapeutic remediation.
Deficiencies and excesses of essential hormones will almost always result in sub-optimal health. Many improtant hormone levels tend to decline as we get older An excess or deficiency of any hormone will generally result in unwanted symptoms, like fatigue, depression, weight gain, loss of energy, low libido, etc. Clients of holistic practitioners may need to be assessedfor hormonal imbalances and if found these need to be corrected. When the hormones are in balance, good health and well being results
EECP (Enhanced External Counter-Pulsation)
This exciting and relatively new therapy provided a safe way to externally pump blood up the legs and thereby asist the failing heart in its function. It is generally covered by insurance and has been found to be effective in treating those with angina and heart failure.
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Cancer is a leading cause of death and disability in this country and around the world. Conventional cancer therapies generally fall into three categories:surgery, radiation and chemotherapy. These modalites, and especially radiation and chemotherapy, often cause serious side effects, like, nausea, fatigue, appetitie suppression, anemia, immune system suppression and damage to nerves, heart and other organs and tissues. In addition, the results of these therapies are often very unsatisfactory, especially in advanced cancers. We offer a variety of alternative approaches to treating cancers that are often beneficial and which rarely cause any serious side effects. These include:

Hydrogen Peroxide Therapy:

The intavenous use of low dose (very diluted) hydrogen peroxide seems to stimulate the immune system. A proper functioning immune system is thought to help in the irradication of cancers.

Bio-Illumination (UV) Therapy:

This IV (intravenous) therapy was pioneered almost 75 years ago, but is little used today. The procedure involves the removal of blood through sterile tubing and exposing it briefly to UV radiation and then reinfusing that blood back into the body. William Douglas Campbell wrote a book on this subject called "Into the Light." which provided detailed information regarding the history, uses and documentation for this modality. The irradiated blood is thought to "fire up" the immune system and thereby help in the irradication of cancers and infectious diseases.

Insulin Potentiation Therapy:

This technique was doscovered and perfected by three generations of Mexican physicians starting with Dr. Donato Perez Garcia. The technique has been used to potentiate (aid in) the entry of chemicals into cells. In the case of cancers it allows us to use small fractions (usually one tenth) the usual dosage of a chemotherapeutic agent and still get the same killing power as the usual high dose. The advantage of this therapy is that it causes significantly less side effects. Most (but not all) patients find these therapy sessions to be quite comfortable and they generally do not experience the hair loss, extreme fatigue, immune suppression, nerve, heart or organ damage, etc. commonly associated with conventional high-dose chemotherapy. Dr. Stephen Ayer has applied to the NHI for a grant to demonstrate the effectiveness of this therapy modality.

Methyl Glyoxal protocol of Dr. Manju Ray:

Dr. Ray has been studying this interesting chemical and its selective killing effects on cancer cells for c. 20 years. In a recent study in India in over 100 patients with a variety of stage IV (terminal) cancers, she had a 75% success rate. Further studies need ot be done, but the substance when used with vitamin C and creatine appears to be safe and effective.

Other Cancer Therapies: There are numerous other alternative approaches to treating cancer. These include Poly MVA, Ave, Better Life, dietary therapies, PEP, the Kelley Protocols, IV vitamin C, etc. In addition we are exploring new and safe "natural" therapies for cancer including the use of "grinization" products from the Ukraine and Dr. (Professor) Ashot Khachatrian's protocols. 




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