Homeopathy is the 200 year-old science of healing based on the teachings of Samuel Hahnemann, a brilliant German physician, linguist and scholar, whose insightful and detailed investigations led to his discovery of the principles of homeopathy:

1. The Law of Similars - "Like cures like." This means that a substance that causes a particular symptom or condition, can, when properly diluted and energized, actually cure that problem. The energizing process is carried out by vigorously shaking ("succussing)" the remedy after each dilution step.

2. The Law of Infinitesimal Dose - Diluting the remedy increases its potency. This counter-intuitive concept was discovered by Hahnemann as he experimented with greater and greater dilutions of substances in order to avoid toxic side-effects. He found that the more dilute the substance, the more potent it became. Extreme dilutions of homeopathically prepared substances (over 24 dilutions) actually contain nothing of the original material.

It is for this reason that scientists (and others) have derided homeopathy as nonsense and charlatanism for many years. However, current research on animals and humans has born out Hahnemann’s findings, and the explanation for the efficacy of highly diluted homeopathic remedies appears to lie in the domain of quantum physics.

Recent experiments using nuclear magnetic resonance imaging have shown that all 23 of the homeopathically-prepared remedies (that were evaluated in this study) demonstrated distinctive readings of subatomic activity as compared with equally diluted, but non-succussed controls.

This suggests that the explanation for the potencies of homeopathically prepared remedies lies in the realm of sub-atomic physics. Some researchers believe that the electromagnetic frequency of the original substance is imprinted in the homeopathic remedy via the process of successive dilution and succussion.

Indeed, experiments by the distinguished Italian physicist Emilio del Giudici have helped clarify homeopathy’s mode of therapeutic action. Del Giudici suggested that water molecules can form structures that are capable of storing minute electromagnetic signals. And Dr. Wolfgang Ludwig, a German biophysicist, has performed experiments that show that homeopathic substances give off measurable and distinctive electromagnetic signals.

These experiments suggest that homeopathic remedies may convey an electromagnetic message that matches the frequency of the patient’s illness, and by so doing, promote a cure by stimulating the body’s natural healing processes.

3. The Third Law of Homeopathy states that everybody is unique and that an illness is specific for a given individual. That is, a remedy that works on one individual (for a given problem) may not be effective on another individual with the same problem. The job of the homeopathic practitioner is to elicit enough information from the patient to be able to correctly select the appropriate remedy.

The Healing Crisis

Homeopathic practitioners have learned that the process of healing starts by removing and eliminating current problems and then addressing deeper, underlying symptoms and conditions. As the more superficial problems, both emotional and physical, are brought to the surface and eliminated, older, and more deeply rooted or suppressed conditions may then manifest themselves. The re-appearance of old symptoms, the "Healing Crisis" represents the next stage in the healing process that must be addressed by the homeopathic healer.



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